I Love Massage

Moxibustion Therapy

Moxibustion therapy is a TCM therapy that involves burning loose moxa to heat the acupoints on the human body.  Moxibustion can warm Yang and nourish Qi, dissolve stasis, and warm and dredge meridians, offering improved health for the whole body, thus strengthening the body's resistance, preventing diseases and offering good health. In modern times, moxibustion has remained an imporeant healthcare methods.

Ultrasonic Body Shaping

Radio frequency and ultrasound can be used for tightening, shaping and anti-aging. The device requires no injection, no medication and no surgery, so there are no side effects. It is used externally throughout the process and takes effect immediately. The radio frequency machine heats the deeper skin layer, stimulates the collagen cells in the dermis to rebuild, and increases the blood circulation under the skin, so as to achieve skin tightening and anti-aging effects. Ultrasonic waves with special frequencies have amazing weight loss effects.